MX Studio


Application Framework for VFX Software Development
Libraries for Visual Effects Software development

Design and Develop
Rajiv Sharma
Visual Effects Pipeline Developer

MX Studio Developer Console v0.1
Design for Pipeline Developers

Add new application into existing pipeline need to follow of regular steps.
developer console will handle All necessary steps to plug-in or plug-out applications in existing pipeline

this application will primary work as remote control of vfx pipeline.

Features of this application:
● Create all initial files and folders for new Application
● Sort out all Applications for Easy Explore
● Contain information of all application and Scripts
● Release Application for UAT or End User
● Deactivate Application for End User
● Add New Version
● Handle Application Version Naming Convention
● Maintain All Applications information in MySQL Database
● Integrated email Notification System
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● automatically add tickets and update status when things will move on Redmine
● create Git Branches user can checkout branches with remote repository and merge automatically
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● Add or Edit Environment Variable

Most of the time it is very irritating work to add tickets and log time on any tracking application.
But this process is very very important in terms of tracking development scheduling and get time investment details.
this process is also helpful in terms of communicating and explore information.

MX Studio Developer console is Design to do all tracking task in back end and fully automatic
from start to deploy application

I Used Redmine for Project Management System
Checkout more about redmine at

The feature i Like in That:
Multiple projects support
Flexible role based access control
Flexible issue tracking system
Gantt chart and calendar
News, documents & files management
Feeds & email notifications
Per project wiki
Per project forums
Time tracking
Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users
SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)
Issue creation via email
Multiple LDAP authentication support
User self-registration support
Multilanguage support
Multiple databases support

MX Studio Developer Console is design for manage all types of application management operations
build application for Release
Release for Testing
Release for End User
Directly Plug in and Plug out applications in pipeline
feedback process
activate and deactivate the application which is already released on floor
checkout branch on your local workspace
merge branches
Archive and delete unused application

thanks a lot to :
CentOS Team
Python Team
Redmine Team
Git Team
and whole Developers community on Internet


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