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Houdini Playblast Tool

This tool can be free download  from below link.


HoudiniPlayblastTool is a Develop for manage preview (Playblast) versions.
Feature of this tool :
1.Create preview and save automatically in proper location.
2.Maintain a complete list of saved playblast with version notes.
3.Version History window will display all versions.
4.Version History support multiple users.
5.from Version History You Can load any preview in mplay in a single click
6.This tool can also build movie(.mp4) if you turn on ‘Build Mov’.
7.Open Recent created preview
8.Add notes to versions
9.publish previews to publish location
10. publish multiple selected previews in asset location
11. display a complete history of preview publish
12. customize paths easily
13. choose player
14. Email Notification after playblast done

This tool is develop on Linux Centos 7,  Houdini 13, Python 2.7

Windows and mac users can use this tool but can not take advantages of few features.

 Release Date :  17 Sept 2014



houdini playblast tool v0.1- 01

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 02

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 03

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 04

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 05


05. VFX Pipeline.

MX Studio Developer Console v0.1
Design for Pipeline Developers

A Quick Introduction of GUI

Add new application into existing pipeline need to follow of regular steps.
developer console will handle All necessary steps to plug-in or plug-out applications in existing pipeline

this application will primary work as remote control of vfx pipeline.

Features of this application:
● Create all initial files and folders for new Application
● Sort out all Applications for Easy Explore
● Contain information of all application and Scripts
● Release Application for UAT or End User
● Deactivate Application for End User
● Add New Version
● Handle Application Version Naming Convention
● Maintain All Applications information in MySQL Database
● Integrated email Notification System
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● automatically add tickets and update status when things will move on Redmine
● create Git Branches user can checkout branches with remote repository and merge automatically
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● Add or Edit Environment Variable



How to send Email by Python

Following are the two ways to send email notifications by python

This Script Will Send Email Using Internal Email System

In this no need any authentication or password required to send Email

Python Version 2.6


from email.mime.text import MIMEText
import email.Utils
import smtplib

emailList = [“”, “”] # this is List of Email Ids

for emailID in emailList:
print “Sending email to … “, emailID

FROM = “”
TO = emailID
message = “This Email is send by Python\n Python is Great !!!”
msg = MIMEText(message)
msg[“Subject”] = “Email Notification by Python”
msg[“Message-id”] = email.Utils.make_msgid()
msg[“From”] = FROM
msg[“To”] = TO
host = “”
server = smtplib.SMTP(host)
server.sendmail(FROM, TO, msg.as_string())
print “Email Send”

except Exception, e:
print e




This Script Will Send Email Using Gmail

This Required Username and password

Python Version 2.6


from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from datetime import date
import smtplib

SMTP_PASSWORD = “password”

EMAIL_TO = [“”, “”]
EMAIL_SUBJECT = “Demo Email : “

DATE_FORMAT = “%d/%m/%Y”

DATA=’This is the content of the email.’

def send_email():
msg = MIMEText(DATA)
msg[‘Subject’] = EMAIL_SUBJECT + ” %s” % (
msg[‘To’] = EMAIL_SPACE.join(EMAIL_TO)
msg[‘From’] = EMAIL_FROM
mail.sendmail(EMAIL_FROM, EMAIL_TO, msg.as_string())
print “Email Send”

if __name__==’__main__’: