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05. VFX Pipeline.


MX Studio Developer Console v0.1
Design for Pipeline Developers

A Quick Introduction of GUI

Add new application into existing pipeline need to follow of regular steps.
developer console will handle All necessary steps to plug-in or plug-out applications in existing pipeline

this application will primary work as remote control of vfx pipeline.

Features of this application:
● Create all initial files and folders for new Application
● Sort out all Applications for Easy Explore
● Contain information of all application and Scripts
● Release Application for UAT or End User
● Deactivate Application for End User
● Add New Version
● Handle Application Version Naming Convention
● Maintain All Applications information in MySQL Database
● Integrated email Notification System
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● automatically add tickets and update status when things will move on Redmine
● create Git Branches user can checkout branches with remote repository and merge automatically
● Integrated Git and Redmine
● Add or Edit Environment Variable