Houdini Playblast Tool

Posted: September 14, 2014 in FX Pipeline, Houdini, Linux, Python for VFX


Houdini Playblast Tool

This tool can be free download  from below link.


HoudiniPlayblastTool is a Develop for manage preview (Playblast) versions.
Feature of this tool :
1.Create preview and save automatically in proper location.
2.Maintain a complete list of saved playblast with version notes.
3.Version History window will display all versions.
4.Version History support multiple users.
5.from Version History You Can load any preview in mplay in a single click
6.This tool can also build movie(.mp4) if you turn on ‘Build Mov’.
7.Open Recent created preview
8.Add notes to versions
9.publish previews to publish location
10. publish multiple selected previews in asset location
11. display a complete history of preview publish
12. customize paths easily
13. choose player
14. Email Notification after playblast done

This tool is develop on Linux Centos 7,  Houdini 13, Python 2.7

Windows and mac users can use this tool but can not take advantages of few features.

 Release Date :  17 Sept 2014



houdini playblast tool v0.1- 01

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 02

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 03

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 04

houdini playblast tool v0.1- 05

  1. Amit Bhaseen says:

    i just used this tool in Ubuntu 13.10.
    I like the tool.
    with this i can make Playblast with version history
    but it would be better if you can fix following errors:

    Error 01
    when create new fx type
    open last preview button not working

    (if using custom path than its working fine)
    TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘__getitem__’

    Error 02
    publish latest version not working
    TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘__getitem__’

    Good Work
    Keep it up

    waiting for your new tools 🙂

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