CinePaint: Open source deep paint software on linux centos

Posted: January 27, 2014 in FX Pipeline, Linux

CinePaint: Open source deep paint software

Top Reasons to Use CinePaint

Support for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit color channels of deep paint.

High fidelity image file types such as DPX, OpenEXR and 16-bit TIFF. These files can’t be opened in ordinary 8-bit image applications without crushing them.

High Dynamic Range. HDR images can go brighter than white. Ordinary images can’t be brighter than a white sheet of paper (0=black, 1.0=white).

Gallery-quality printing. B&W photographs have only one color channel and degrade quickly when manipulated as 8-bit images.CinePaint has higher fidelity and offers a 16-bit printing path to the print-head using GutenPrint.

Color Management System. CinePaint uses LittleCMS.

Flipbook. Movie playback of short sequences of images in RAM.

Innovation. CinePaint offers features that go beyond ordinary painting tools.

It’s used to make feature films at major studios.

Open Source. With various OSS licenses, because it uses code from various sources, including GPL, LGPL, BSD, and MPL.


Friendly professional developers. Polite discussion forums.

Being a CinePaint developer can be a good career move. CinePaint developers have gotten jobs at companies such as DreamWorks Animation,Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Apple.

Install cinepaint on Centos
Build and Install from source tarball

yum install lcms-devel libtiff-devel libpng-devel libjpeg-devel openexr-devel fltk-devel gutenprint-devel libXmu-devel

download latest version of Cinepaint from

#### Extract file
tar xvfz cinepaint.X.X.tgz
cd cinepaint

make install

### to start Cinepaint


you may get following message:
cinepaint: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

You need to run ldconfig after the install so that the
system can find the new libraries.

Just open a terminal and run:



  1. TxavyAndHyde says:

    hi, i tried to install following that path, and this came out
    ” Configuration Results

    GTK CinePaint Version 1.0-4

    General dependencies:
    Gtk2 toolkit yes
    DnD support no
    littleCMS no !! CinePaint will not build without !!
    Oyranos no

    Plug-ins with external dependencies:
    Python plug-in: no
    OpenEXR plug-in: yes OpenEXR
    Tiff plug-in: no !! CinePaint will not build without !!
    PNG plug-in: no
    Jpeg plug-in: no !! CinePaint will not build without !!
    Print plug-in: no
    FLTK dependent plug-ins: no !! CinePaint will not build without !!
    Thread dependent plug-ins: no !! ICC Examin will not build !!
    Flex dependent plug-ins: no

    configure: error: !!! An ERROR occured !!!
    Please check the above messages to see why.
    For bug reports please include the complete above output.

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