How to install git 2.1.0 and git client on linux CentOS 7

Posted: September 21, 2013 in FX Pipeline, Linux


How to install git 2.1.0 and git client on linux centOS 7 / RHEL7

first check git version on centOS or red Hat
[rajiv@elitebook home]# git –version
git version 1.8.1

yum install gettext-devel expat-devel curl-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel
cd /tmp
tar xzvf git-2.1.0.tar.gz
cd git-2.1.0
make prefix=/opt/git all
make prefix=/opt/git install
export PATH=”/opt/git/bin:$PATH”

[rajiv@elitebook home]# git –version
git version 2.1.0

for installation of git client on centos you can check out this post on my blog:


you can also check GitEye


This free desktop app combines a simple-to-use graphical Git client with central visibility into essential developer tasks such as defect tracking, agile planning, code reviews and build services.


Thats It


  1. Aaron says:

    If you are trying to install on a minimal install of EL6, you’ll also need the Perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker package.

    yum install perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker

  2. Gene says:

    For completeness, you could add:
    yum install gcc

  3. ruffp says:

    Very good article, and as Gene said, better to install “gcc” as well before. On my side, the adding the /opt/git/bin in tha path env was not enough; I desinstall the older git(1.7.x) but it was looking like something need the binary “git” in the /usr/bin, then I just made a symbolink link like this:
    > ln -s /opt/git/bin/git /usr/bin/git
    and it is perfect.

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