Houdini on Linux

Posted: February 19, 2013 in FX Pipeline, Houdini, Linux


Houdini the First Major 3D Animation Package On Linux

Linux is better in a larger studio environment, and is around 10-15% faster on the same hardware as Windows.

HDK a lot easier on Linux as well as you can use the free compiler. On windows Visual Studio is the only way and you can’t compile without the full version for 64 bit.

On linux you can automate tasks a lot easier with shell scripts/python. This is more the stuff you do next to h Houdini like batch renaming files, triggering pre and post render scripts, rendering  files.

Of course on windows you can buy (or program) little programs that do it for you as well, but I find you have much more flexibility with Linux.

Also.. most bigger studios are on linux, so you might as well learn it.

  1. Hi Rajiv

    Was Houdini the first on Linux ?

    Softimage ported to Linux in 2001.

    Can’t find info on Houdini on Linux release date.

    Curious, not certain.


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