How to Use Remote Desktop (rdesktop) in Redhat/Fedora/CentOS

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Linux

How to Use Remote Desktop (rdesktop) in Redhat/Fedora/CentOS

rdesktop application is use to connect RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) of any Operating System like Windows XPWindow NTWindows 2003/2008Windows Vista and Windows 7 from Linuxmachine. It’s a client utility for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In this article we are going to view how we can take remote desktop of Windows Terminal using Hostname and IP Address.

Install rdesktop in Linux

Install rdesktop in Linux

Please make sure following points before connecting to remote host.

  1. Enable RDP port no. 3389 in Firewall.
  2. Enable remote desktop under Windows Operating System.
  3. Require at least one user with password.
  4. Under MS-Windows desktop >> Right Click on My Computer >> Select properties >> Select Remote tab >> Enable Remote desktop >> Save the changes.


Install rdesktop (Remote Desktop)

It might happen that rdesktop application already installed in your Linux distribution. Kindly verify with below command.

# rpm -qa rdesktop


If not, then install it with YUM command to resolve dependencies.

# yum -y install rdesktop

check rdesktop in Linux

check rdesktop in Linux

Installation completed

Install rdesktop in Linux

Installation of rdesktop in Linux

How to use rdesktop with hostname

To connect Windows host from Linux desktop type following command using -u parameter asusername (narad) and (ft2) as hostname of my Windows host. To resolve host name make entry at/etc/hosts file if you don’t have DNS Server in your environment.

# rdesktop -u narad ft2

rdesktop using hostname

Use rdesktop using hostname

How to use rdesktop with IP Address?

To connect Windows host from Linux machine using username as (narad) and IP Address as ( of my windows host, then command would be as.

# rdesktop -u narad

rdesktop using IP Address

Use rdesktop using IP Address

Please execute man rdesktop in command prompt If you would like to know more about it or visit rdesktop project website. Kindly share it and let us know your comments through our comment box below.

  1. vfxpandit says:

    Using redesktop in fullscreen mode

    One aspect of rdesktop that I don’t like is that once you’ve chosen the screen size (screen geometry) it isn’t that easy (maybe impossible?) to change it. For that reason, I usually just default to using redesktop in fullscreen mode, which is invoked as follows with the -f option:

    rdesktop -f
    For some time I couldn’t figure out how to exit fullscreen mode because it isn’t included in the standard help file! To toggle fullscreen mode simply type the following key combination:


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