Install Wine 1.5.23 in CentOS

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Linux

Install Wine 1.5.23 in RHEL 6.3/6.2/6.1/6/5.9/5.8CentOS 6.3/6.2/6.1/6/5.9/5.8 and Fedora 18,17,16,15,14,13,12


Step 1: Installing Dependency Packages

We need to install X11 and freetype development files with flex and bison packages. install them using YUM command.

# yum -y install libX11-devel freetype-devel flex bison

Step 2: Downloading Wine 1.5.23

Download the source file using Wget command under /tmp directory as a normal User.

$ cd /tmp
$ wget

Step 3: Extracting Wine 1.5.23

Once the file is downloaded under /tmp directory, use the below commands to extract it.

$ tar -xvf wine-1.5.23.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/

Step 4: Installing Wine 1.5.23

It is recommended to compile and build Wine installer as a normal User. Run the following commands as normal user. (Note : The installer might take up-to 20-30 minutes and in the middle it will ask you to enter root password).

$ cd wine-1.5.23/
$ ./tools/wineinstall

Once the installation completes run the “winecfg” configuration tool from KDE or GNOMEdesktop to see the supported configuration. If you don’t have any of the desktop, you can install it by using the below command as root user.

# yum groupinstall "X Window System" "GNOME Desktop Environment"
# yum groupinstall "X Window System" "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

Once the X Window System installed, run the command as normal user to see wine configuration.

$ winecfg

Winecfg Screen

Winecfg Screen

Step 5: Running Wine 1.5.23

To run the Wine, you must specify the full path to the executable program. For example shown below.

$ wine notepad
$ wine notepad.exe 
$ wine c:\\windows\\notepad.exe

Running Wine in KDE

Running Wine in KDE

Wine is not perfect, because while using wine we see so many programs crashes. I think wine team will soon fix all bugs in their upcoming version and meanwhile do share your comments using our below form.

  1. Jaywant Deshmukh says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    Got below error while after Step 4,

    checking for cmsOpenProfileFromFile in -llcms… yes
    checking for -lfreetype… not found
    configure: error: FreeType 32-bit development files not found. Fonts will not be built.
    Use the –without-freetype option if you really want this.

    Configure failed, aborting install.

    Though I install it with “–without-freetype” option it gives same error. I got CentOS 6.3 with X11 pre requisetes you mentioned in Step 1.

  2. Jaywant Deshmukh says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    Installing freetype-devel.i686 resolved that particular error msg. Hopefully it should not give any other err msg.


  3. Jaywant Deshmukh says:

    Build completed successfully. Now stucked at winecfg. I get cmd not found. Am I missing something? I got KDE desktop but cmd # yum groupinstall “X Window System” “KDE (K Desktop Environment)” shows all files with latest version and
    Warning: Group x11 does not have any packages.
    Warning: Group KDE (K Desktop Environment) does not exist.

    Need help.

  4. Kunal P says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    I am getting below error in step 1 itself:

    [root@ess19 ~]# yum -y install libX11-devel freetype-devel flex bison
    Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit, security, tmprepo [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 7 – “couldn’t connect to host”
    Trying other mirror.
    Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: linuxtech-release. Please verify its path and try again

    Please suggest.


  5. siva says:

    After running this command i am getting this

    Wine Installer v1.0

    You are running wineinstall as root, this is not advisable. Please rerun as a user.

    what have to do please help me..

  6. Veeren Shah says:

    Hello Rajiv
    On trying to install, its throwing the following error:

    [Veeren@ZXDSL831II wine-1.5.23]$ ./tools/wineinstall
    Wine Installer v1.0

    We need to install Wine as the root user. Do you want us to build Wine,
    ‘su root’ and install Wine? Enter ‘no’ to build Wine without installing:
    (yes/no) no
    Running configure…

    checking build system type… i686-pc-linux-gnu
    checking host system type… i686-pc-linux-gnu
    checking whether make sets $(MAKE)… yes
    checking for gcc… no
    checking for cc… no
    checking for cl.exe… no
    configure: error: in `/tmp/wine-1.5.23′:
    configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
    See `config.log’ for more details

    Configure failed, aborting install.
    [Veeren@ZXDSL831II wine-1.5.23]$

  7. Jlie B says:

    I can open notepad++ in wine however I cannot type anything (I can paste but not type). It hangs. Please help.

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