Maya 2012 x64 installation in CentOS 6.3 / CentOS 7

Posted: October 30, 2012 in FX Pipeline, Linux, Maya

Maya 2012 x64 installation in CentOS 6.3  / CentOS 7

same installation process work for Maya 2015 in CentOS 7
First, install all these is needed for CentOS, do this before the installer
(you can also do this after Maya installation, but these are required to start Maya)

– Go to terminal and paste these commands:-

yum install mesa-libGLw
yum install csh
yum install libXp libXp-devel
yum install gamin audiofile audiofile-devel e2fsprogs-libs
yum install tcsh
yum install xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi
yum install xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi
yum install liberation-mono-fonts liberation-fonts-common liberation-sans-fonts liberation-serif-fonts

Go to Maya setup files  folder (where all RPM files are contained)
(before start installation – go to maya setup folders and find “setup” file,  right click and make permissions – allow executive file must checked on)
enter in administrator mode:-

su –
cd /home/rajiv/linux/maya2012

enter serial number etc.

////maybe try to chmod the .bin files
cd /usr/autodesk/maya2012-x64/bin
chmod 777 maya
chmod 777 maya2012

to launch

Step03 (TroubleShoot Maya 2012 Issues in Linux)

//if you get…..error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
yum install libXp

problems with middle mouse button? (when you try and pan with middle mouse?)
(Maya) window->settingAndPreferences>preferences->interface
you’ll see an option to enable/disable the mouse scroll wheel.

//problems with the alt key?  (Maya Viewport is not rotating)
go to – (CentOS)system>prefs>windows too for alt key behaviour
make it “SuperUser”

problems with fonts
system>administration>add remove programs
search for these packages
install them all

there will be problems with the hotkeys and shortcuts (see the apple keyboard section below)

//if there is beef with sound files
yum install audiofile-devel
// and if that doesnt work maybe?
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

_______to make a launch icon
_______copy this command into the ‘command’ part of the preferences for the icon

Cheers !!
Rajiv Sharma

  1. Edwin Amsler says:

    I also needed an additional package called libXpm (note the ‘m’).

    Otherwise, you told me everything I needed to know. Thanks!

  2. paul jules says:

    Hi !

    I followed your guide but when I run the installer, it’s ”empty”…

    See image

    I also tried Maya 2014, same issue.

    Any ideas ?


  3. Rajiv Sharma says:

    Hi Paul,

    i think this is the issue with language that you used.
    try with English.

  4. chenguan says:

    hi there this looks a nice place to make a question about maya in linux.
    i follow all your tips and installation work good.
    my only problem is that in maya when i open a window(like texture editor) i get a new item in the panel.
    any way to make maya only one window.
    i read somewhere i could set
    in Maya.env but dosent works at all.
    any tip will be welcome many thxxs

    • chulsa says:

      Maya icon file is not display correctly, can you help me set up the right path? Window and Mac are done by default, but Linux is difficult. Thanks in advance bro for your help…

  5. Hi Rajiv
    Can you please help me to install maya2012 in Centos. I have tried to install Maya2012 with you`r Step which you have mentioned Step01 but still i m getting an error while installing maya2012. Could you please help me to install maya2012 in Centos. Error you can check in attached below link.


  6. thanks…it’s working. Can you plz help me in katana installation in centos 6.5

  7. Aniwxy says:

    Thanks for the guide ,,,just simple and smooth…..Use it to install maya 2014 @centos6.5.

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