ArsenalSuite – Render farm and cluster management tools.

Posted: October 22, 2012 in FX Pipeline, Linux

     Arsenalsuite – Render farm and cluster management tools.

I am doing some R&D on building Render Farm software for Windows and Linux OS.

I am using CentOS 6.3 and Window 7  both are 64bit OS.

I found ArsenalSuit is good and The best thing is that you can download the source code and adapt it to your company requirements.
Previously, I used this software in Dr D studios for Happy Feet 2 movie.
But The problem with Arsenal is there is no complete package for installation. you need to build it from scratch.

The very first impression is that you don’t know what you need from the download site. So I downloaded all windows packages.

Okay, I tried to get an overview of the project. The website says its still a beta in-progress project and indeed it feels exactly like that. There is no simple install package, there are some information about building the tools from scratch. But you will need some software building experience if you dare to use this project. And you will have to spend a lot of time to dig into the deeps of the project, build all tools and setup correctly. To be honest, I gave up after some time, simply because I did not find out a clean description how to start the arsenal suite on windows. Maybe this will change in the future because the feature list and screenshots look really good for a free system. For example, it seems you need to setup a postgresql database with some scripts, but these scripts are only available in the source code. To build the source code you will need Qt installed and other prerequisites.

About ArsenalSuite
Home Page –
Originally developed by Blur Studio, Arsenal was a replacement for 3dsmax’s BackBurner. It’s now a robust cross platform render management platform supporting many renderers, including 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini, 3delight, XSI, Nuke, Fusion, Shake and After Effects.
The core is written in C++ using Qt, and extensive python bindings using sip/PyQt provide the ability to customize and extend nearly every component. There are GUI tools to manage the queue, custom submitters for some packages, and a generic Python API for others.
A Google Group for discussion exists here:

Overview Diagram of Arsenal

StoneDiagram   A diagram displaying the structure of the Stone library

A diagram displaying the structure of Stone, and how classmaker generates C++ and Python classes. This provides the core ORM system Arsenal and other tools can build on.


Screen shots:-


I started building ArsenalSuite In my Windows7 workstation by following process:-

OS – Windows 7 64bit

Download files and lib from following link:-

install following setups:- (google search and download, all are free)











uberSVN-1210.exe (Subversion)

set QMAKESPEC=win32-msvc2008  (set environment variable)
install nsis from
install plugin into plugins/
put AddToPath.nsh into include/

Build database and roles in PostgesSQL

create database (Your database Name)
Build following roles:-
burner –  with superuser inherit nocreaterole nocreatedb login password
freezer – with nosuperuser inherit nocreaterole nocreatedb login password
farmer –  with superuser noinherit nocreaterole createdb login password
farmers – with nosuperuser inherit nocreaterole nocreatedb nologin
submitter – with nosuperuser inherit nocreaterole nocreatedb login password

I am still working on setup of this software .. i will update complete installation process once things will move forward.

You can add your suggestions and knowledge to build this tool

please reply if you can contribute in building ArsenalSuite

Cheers !
Rajiv Sharma


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