installation of Houdini in Linux Mint

Posted: October 6, 2012 in FX Pipeline, Houdini, Linux

How to install Houdini in Linux ..?

Open a terminal
Change to the root user if installing Houdini outside of your home directory

If you are installing the License Server, you must install the software as the root user because the License Server files are written to /usr/lib/sesi.
If you are not installing the License Server, the software can be installed as a non-root user

Unpack the downloaded archive

tar.gz archive (type: tar -xvzf file.tar.gz)

tar -xvzf houdini-10.0.249-linux_x86_64_gcc4.1.tar.gz
This should create a directory called houdini-10.0.249-linux_x86_64_gcc4.1/

7z archive (type: 7z x file.7z)

7z x houdini-10.0.249-linux_x86_64_gcc4.1.7z
This should create a directory called houdini-10.0.249-linux_x86_64_gcc4.1/

Run the houdini.install script:

cd houdini-10.0.249-linux_x86_64_gcc4.1/

* You can also double click on the houdini.install file with your mouse. It will run the installer in a terminal.
Follow the instructions in the installer. The default installation wants to place the software in /opt/hfs10.0.249. If installing as a non-root user, you must change this default installation path. Example: /home/janedoe/hfs10.0.249
You should now be able to access Houdini in 2 ways:

Applications->Side Effects Software->Houdini 10.0.249
In a terminal(shell) type:

cd ; (Example: cd /opt/hfs10.0.249)
source houdini_setup;
type houdini (or hescape to start Escape) at the command prompt

The command “source houdini_setup” initializes the current shell’s environment to run Houdini. You may want to add the above line to your .login file. Refer to the contents of the houdini_setup script for more details.

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